Thorsten Dittrich
1967 born in Hamburg
1996 Magister Artium, University of Hamburg, Prof. Hipp / Prof. Warnke
2008 Co-Founder and Member of Gallery Project nachtspeicher23 e.V., Hamburg
2011 Member of BBK Hamburg
lives and works in Hamburg







Kunstverein nachtspeicher23, 10 Jahre n23 #5, group show, June 2018

Kunstverein Husum, Von den Dingen, ihren Orten, jenen Taten , with J. Rausch and M. Slavin, June-August 2018

Galerie Hugo 45, Braunschweig, Sehnsucht . Ort, with Jens Rausch, April 2018


Kunsthaus Hamburg, schön falsch leben, group show, April 2017

Künstlerhaus Bergedorf, Von den Dingen, ihren Orten, jenen Taten I, mit J. Rausch/Mark Slavin, Mai 2017

Kulturforum Pampin, 1.Pampinale 2017, group show, July 2017

Galerie Hugo 45, Braunschweig, Von den Dinge, ihren Orten, jenen Taten II, September 2017

Kunst in der Fraktion, Hamburger Rathaus, Vernetzte Gerüste, October 2017

Atelierhaus Breite Straße, Kleine Formate, with Rainer Garbe, November 2017


Künstlerhaus Sootbörn, Bühnenwelten-Scheinwelten, group show, August-September 2016

Kunsthaus Hamburg, Danke, wir brauchen nichts ! / group show BBK-Hamburg,  July-August 2016

hinterconti, Hamburg, with Kathrin Haassengier, “Steter Klang . Langsam den Horizont”, April 2016

Künstlerhaus Sootbörn, Hamburg, with Svenja Maaß, Juliane Jüttner, November 2015
artconnection Köln, Studio Dumont, group show, November 2015
Voynich Project II, exhibition at Podium O950 Rotterdam, Sept.-Nov. 2015
Galleria Palazzo di Jesi, Italy, The Towers, group show, September 2015
Schauraum Schwarzenbergstraße, Der rothaarige Hund, ein guter Tag, with G.Lange, T.Jehnert, I.Brinkschmidt, August 2015
Kunsthaus Hamburg, Strich oder Linie, BBK Hamburg, June 2015
Gallery Phoenix, Cologne, Flucht, group show, April-May 2015

Korenbeuers Schiedam, Netherlands, 10dence Gallery, The Voynich Project, November 2014
Kulturforum Pampin, Gegenstücke, with Svenja Maaß, Juliane Jüttner, August 2014
Kunsthaus Hamburg, Macht, group show, September 2014
Open Studios BBK Hamburg, June 2014
Museum Schloss Bruchsaal, IFUPA-Bauwerke, group show, June 2014
Photo.Kunst.Raum. Hamburg, Vamos al Sol, with H.Brockmann, February 2014
Studio/Gallery Preview Süd, Karlsruhe, Gallery Weekend, group show, January 2014

Gallery Phoenix , Cologne, “Zündspur”, with Adrian Peters, November 2013
Gallery Andreas Constantin, Munich, “No.10”, group show, October 2013
Open Studios BBK Hamburg, June 2013
Kunsthalle Lindenthal Cologne, “Privat”, group show, March 2013
Gallery nachtspeicher23, Hamburg, “Plat du jour”, group show, December 2012-January 2013

Historical Power Station Bille, “Tat Ort”, group show, October 2012
Kunsthaus Hamburg, “Das schöne Werk”, group show, September 2012
Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg, “Position”, group show, August 2012
Gallery Elephant Art Space, “Blickwinkel;Zukunft-Klimek, Klonek, Dittrich”, Stilwerk Hamburg, group show, June 2012
Gallery xpon-art, “Rausverkauf”, group show June 2012

Gallery nachtspeicher23, Hamburg, “Einzelzimmerzuschlag”, group show, Dezember 2011
Kunstverein 68elf e.V. Köln, “Mein Liebling”, group show in cooperation with the Museum Walraff Richartz Cologne, November 2011.
Kunstverein Frappant Hamburg, “Leinenzwang”, group show, Oktober 2011.
Gallery Elefant Art Space, Hamburg, No.1-Exhibition, group show, Oktober 2011
Gallery Farbwerke/M6, Hamburg, „Wege nach Malaspina”, with Adrian Peters, September 2011.
Gallery nachtspeicher23, Hamburg, “Raxalpe und Moritate” with Adrian Peters, April 2011
Gallery d-52, Düsseldorf, “ein einzig rausch”, group show, March 2011
Gallery Scotty Enterprises, Berlin, “was ist war wird”,  group show, Januar 2011.

Gallery Poly, Karlsruhe,  “TIKTAK”, group show, Oktober 2010.
Gallery Farbwerke, Puzzelink_Evidenz 13 , August 2010.
Gallery xpon-art,  “fik.tiv”, group show, Juni 2010.
Kunstmesse UND 5 Karlsruhe, with Gallery nachtspeicher23, March 2010.

Künstlerhaus am Bullerdeich, „Jahresausstellung“, group show, December 2009.
Gallery nachtspeicher23, „Der Fräulein Komlex“, group show , September 2009.
Gallery Farbwerke, Puzzelink_Evidenz 12, “Bauklötze” with B.A. Kiesil,  August 2009.

Gallery nachtspeicher 23, Hamburg, “Opening”, group show, December 2008.
New Art Off Gallery, “Jugend trifft Kunst”, Projekt, June 2008
New Art Off Gallery, “Gelblichtzone”, group show, May/June 2008.

New Art Off Gallery, “KunstLicht”, solo show, November 2007.
Hauptverwaltung der Volksfürsorge Hamburg, solo show, June 2004.
Kunstraum Alfa 1, solo show, September 2003.
Erotic Art Museum, “Hautblicke”, group show, June 2002.
Kunst- und Ausstellungsraum “Saloon” St-Pauli, group show, September 1999.


Thorsten Dittrich’s compositions are brought to life by their many overlays and layers, which make it practically impossible to read the space logically. But despite these obstacles, everything continues to flow. The objects are engaged in a constant process of transformation, frozen in a morphing phase and just in the act of changing their current form again.

The artist evidently plays with the viewer’s abilities to interpret what he or she sees, and with our innate drive toward recognition: Shapes and surfaces that elude clear identification, but still recall the familiar, are used in multifaceted puzzles. Objects and figures are suggested, but not fully depicted; heterogeneous textures and materialities are crossed and forced to merge. The collages suggest building-like bodies, which then, with the addition of human figures, are depicted in their supposed function – but there is vast room for interpretation, open to all possible options.

This opening of semantic complexity also brings with it an expansion of the artist’s graphic and painterly palette. The treatment of the surfaces becomes more multifaceted, and the artist’s interest in bringing together different structures by force, already somewhat apparent in his earlier work, is more clearly expressed than ever here. The graphic and the painterly blend into one another, completely dissolving into a form all its own in between the two. Overall, the artist has adopted a more radical approach since 2009: References to reality are blurred as symbols gain autonomy. Freed from the bounds of citing physical objects, the artist’s gestures become broader and more open, taking on greater scope than before.

“Das Grafische und das Malerische verschmelzen und lösen sich vollständig in eine eigenständige Zwischenform auf. Insgesamt hat sich die Herangehensweise radikalisiert: Die Referenz zur Realität verschwimmt und die Zeichen gewinnen an Autonomie. Befreit vom gegenständlichen Zitat, öffnet sich die Geste des Künstlers und erlangt einen größeren Spielraum als zuvor.”

(Text excerpt, Emmanuel Mir, 2012)


Publications: Thorsten Dittrich – Werke 2012 – hyperzine Verlag Hamburg
ISBN 978-3-938218-61-7

Variations 21/2013, Literaturzeitschrift der Universität Zürich, Verlag Peter Lang, S. 221